Along with all the other things I do to make money online, I am also a Content Producer for Associated Content. AC pays up front for well-written, and well optimized, articles that are more than 400 words in length.

I started working with Associated Content at the end of May this year, and while I don't write for them constantly, I have really enjoyed the site. AC also offers what they call a "page view bonus". In a nutshell, each time your article gets viewed, you make money. No, it's not a lot, but it's just one more stream of passive income that I have coming in. The "work" part is done when I submit the articles,- now the articles are working for me!

And, THAT works for me! :)

As of this recent page view update, my articles have had over 13,000 page views. Not bad - it's an extra $20 or so.

Here's the thing that made me go "hmmmm" when I reviewed my page view stats on Associated Content. I have ONE article that has received over 7,600 views! I was innocently scrolling thru my stats.... a hundred here, coupla hundred there.... then "WHOA! 7,697?!?!?!?"

That ONE article is responsible for over 60% of ALL my page views?!?!?! How could THAT happen?

Thing is, I remember stumbling across that keyword. I was doing my usual browsing thru my keyword tool, browsing thru Google...browsing thru AC....and this phrase seemed pretty "un-tapped", but was highly searched for. So, I took a chance, researched the content...and wrote an article on it.

Associated Content paid me less than $5 for that article....I've already made twice that in the form of page view a VERY short amount of time.

This makes me happy :) (<--- See me smiling?)

Seems I've got a few readers of my blog now so----

Let's have our first contest.

Who ever figures out WHICH article it is, and posts it here in the comment section first, will win a free copy of my Squidoo Profit System e-book package.

Comments don't automatically post, so don't freak if you don't see your comment instantly. I will approve/publish all entries - I promise.

Contest runs until someone figures it out!

Anyone interested?

Click here for my Content Producer Page. (It will open in a new window)

Good luck!

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