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I try to keep on top of things with my online business, I really, really try - but sometimes I miss. This time I missed something that deserved recognition.

I'm both humbled and honored by something I found today...and it's from a month ago. One month is like a million years in the internet business world! Heck, even TWO DAYS ago is like "old news" in the virtual world, isn't it? =)

Hopefully, *I* am not old

A sincere apology and a great big THANK YOU goes out to This blog master did a wonderful post about me on their blog titled, "Successful Squidoo Lensmaster to Learn From".

What an honor! ::blush:::

This post not only talked about my success online, but also about my Squidoo Profit System. is a cool blog that talks about many aspects of making money online. In the about page is a quote I love... and I also try to follow.

"I believe that once someone finds success, they shouldn’t hold onto it and hide it from everyone else. I like the phrase “When you get to the top, send the elevator back down.” When I find success, I don’t want to hold the elevator, I want to send it back down, so others can ride it up. "

So well-said, and so true.

Knowledge is useless unless you share it.

Hop on over to - you'll enjoy your stay.

Again, thank you, thank you.... thank you!

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I write a lot of content online. I write content for my own niche sites, my blogs, and for Squidoo... I write content for article marketing and for Associated Content. Beyond my own projects, I also work with another company and I write content for their niche sites, blogs and websites. I also do article marketing for their projects, too.

Bottom line is, I write a LOT of content...lots and LOTS of content.

No matter what part of internet marketing you are involved in, content writing is crucial to your business. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have the resources to pay someone else to write all your content, but for most of us, this is simply not an option.

As I looked towards expanding my business, I knew I had to look for a way to speed up my content writing. I needed solid tools to make my content writing not only better, but I wanted the out-put to be faster....and I wanted tools that helped me make my writing more PROFITABLE.

I found my system. I am so happy with this new system. I researched and read...and finally put a system together with tools that really help my business. I am thrilled! My writing system has helped my content writing in all the areas I mentioned. Best of all, it has made finding profitable niches and writing content FOR those niches soooooooooo much easier.

Ok - 'nuff said. Here are is my step by step process for content writing. I have included the links to the tools I use. Some are free, some are not. As we all know, I am a BIG fan of free tools.... but I also know there comes a time to invest in your business.

I also knew that if I was to buy content for even a small, 20-page niche site, that I would be paying at least $5 an article. That ONE niche site would cost me $100. One hundred dollars of my hard-earned money for content I used ONE time. If I liked article spinners, maybe I could get more that a one-time use, but I don't like spun articles. Just my opinion.

Once I actually saw how much quality tools would SAVE me, I saw the price tags in a much different light. If you are also in the market for tools such as these, I encourage you to click thru to these sites, really read the info pages, watch the informational videos..... research reviews on these products (just as I have done), then make an informed and educated decision.

Ok - here we go.

Easy Content Writing System in Three Steps

Step 1 - Find a Niche / Identify Your Keywords

Sometimes I know exactly what I want/need to write about, sometimes I am looking for a new niche idea or article idea. Whatever the case is, I have found Niche Inspector to be an incredibly valuable tool. Much of the content I write goes on pages that are monetized with AdSense. If you want to make any money from your niche sites with AdSense, you had BETTER have some sort of clue as to what niches/keywords are profitable. Working your butt off on a site, blindly building 20 pages of content only to earn a penny per click is NO FUN..... It is also no smart business.

Niche Inspector
is a desktop software program that is no short of awesome. If I know my keyword, I enter it into NI and it returns monthly search volume, search result count from Google, Yahoo, AND MSN... the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) of each word and the number of ads each keyword has on PPC results. (Knowing how many advertisers are paying for ads in your niche is a VERY important detail). Not only that, Niche Inspector also tells you HOW MUCH the advertisers are paying for top placement for each individual keyword.

THAT is PRICELESS! So, if I am comparing two niches I would like to target, I go NI and enter the corresponding keywords. Answer this, if both niches seem equally profitable, BUT one niche has advertisers paying $4 for a top placement ad, and the other has PPC advertisers paying only 50 cents for a top placement....which niche would YOU work in?

Now, if I DON'T have a niche in mind, or I am trying to think of something, I simply go to Niche Inspector and click "brainstorm". NI will toss out 100 random broad keywords with all of above info with them. What an EASY way to identify profitable niches.

Step 2 - Further Keyword Research

I'm not one to trust any ONE source of information, so once I have niche or keyword ideas on hand, I head on over to SEOBook. If you go to the free keyword tool there, you will find a plethora of free keyword research information.

Enter your keyword into the keyword tool, choose your country that you'd like results from, then click "suggest". Within a few seconds, the keyword tool will return a wealth of information.

From this tool, you can get:

Monthly search volume of each word
# of Google returns
# of Yahoo returns
# of MSN returns
Info from Yahoo Suggest
Info from WordTracker
Info from Keyword Discovery
Info from Google Trends
Google traffic estimator info for each word
Google Suggest
Google Synonyms
AdWords Keyword tool info
Info from Quinura

All, right there, nice and neat...... and ready for you to further analyze your potential keyword or niche.

Fantastic tool.

3 - Write that content

Now, you have your list of keywords, or maybe even a single keyword you want your niche article, blog post, or any other content to focus on. You already know that this niche/keyword has definite potential to be profitable for you. (Yes, I say "potential" because in this business, NOTHING is certain).

Now it is time to write.

I don't know about y'all, but this can be the hardest part for me. A blank "piece of paper" and limited knowledge on the topic I need to write on..... how intimidating! Not only that, but the time it takes for me to research the topic and get knowledgeable enough to where I feel I CAN write on the subject is VERY time consuming.

It has been, without doubt, the most frustrating part of content writing for me. I cannot stand to write about something and pretend I know what I'm talking about - I KNOW it shows to those who are reading it and DO know about the topic. Also, "little" things such as certain jargon of a subject area, are hard to fake, aren't they?

I have found a desktop software program that has ended this misery for me and had made my time spent writing much more profitable (ie, less time spent doing it). I can crank out a high-quality and ORIGINAL article on ANY topic in 15 minutes now - whether I knew anything about the topic beforehand or not. Before, it would take me at least an hour to get ready to write about an unknown I can actually write 3-4 articles in that same hour.

The software program I decided to use is called Instant Article Wizard. This software was created by Jonathan Leger and after having interaction with him on other products of his, I knew that his service, his product, and his FOLLOW-UP would be outstanding.

As I said, Instant Article Wizard is a desktop software program that you install on your computer. After opening the software, you enter your keyword(s) and let the program run a minute or two. What the software does is scour the internet for all single sentences that have your keyword in them. Presto , all your research is right there in front of you.

Wait, that is not "all" it does. You can then write the outline for your article from the software program. This program breaks everything down into topics relating to your keyword(s) and you choose sentences you want to use in your article. When you are done, you export (copy/paste) your article to your notepad or word processor and edit it into your words.

Let me make this clear - this is not plagarism. This program is not designed for you to take all these individual sentences as you find them and post them to your site as is. First off, that is wrong. Secondly, there is no point using copied content on your sites. If you want duplicate content, purchase PLR articles or get content from article directories. This program is designed to cut down on the time it takes you to research and write your own ORIGINAL, high-quality content.

Instant Article Wizard
is AWESOME! Not only that, it is so easy to use. I never read the users manual. I learned all I needed to know from the informational videos on the Instant Article Wizard info page. I installed it, and was using it for new content within minutes.

Yes, that easy! (even for ME! haha)

To test my system, I made a Squidoo lens today to see how long it would take me to put it all together with no idea of WHAT I was going to make the lens on.

Start to finish - 1 hour. That includes linking to my new lens from other lenses and pinging it, etc. The whole new lens process.

Know what took me the longest? Finding and setting up the images and affiliate links. Also, formatting the text on the lens, getting the images on page, and all the other "curb appeal" goodies. You can see the new lens here . If you are reading this today, 11/23, it is possible you wont be able to see it yet. Squidoo has to "index" it (check it) before it can go public and that usually happens over-night. That lens is brand new - just made it today while watching football with my hubby (while I was sitting in the recliner on my laptop....what a life!)

So - that is my new super-duper, awesome content writing system.

1. Niche Inspector
2. SEOBook
3. Instant Article Wizard

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Hello, my name is PotPieGirl and I have IM-ADD. Yes, I have a cut and dry, classic case of Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder.

Bless my lil' heart, I am in my own way. I get so distracted... so off track. I can start off working on a site about dog food and end up browsing thru eBay looking for....

Uh oh, can't remember what I was looking for.

It goes something like this:

Writing article about dog food.
Reminds me I need cat food.
Makes me think of how I used to dress my cat in baby clothes when I was little.
Makes me remember how that poor cat hit the floor running as soon as given a chance.
Hits? Uh oh, wonder how my stats on my sites are doing.... holiday traffic has been not-so-good.
Check stats... again.
Satisfied (ha) that traffic still stinks, I return to what I was originally doing.
Hmmm..what WAS I doing?
Makes me think of how my husband laughs at me when I get "scattered brained"
Husband...... Christmas.... sure would like to find one of those Crimson Tide Coaches shirts for him....
PRESTO... I'm in eBay... looking cell phones.
Dog Food article is left in the dust. Inevitably, I will remember about 4am that I was working on an article.....

Am I the ONLY one that is this way?

Someone once told me (or I read it somewhere... or I made it up....)

"The only thing standing between you and your YOU"

Ain't THAT the truth?

If I'd only get out of my own way!

Obviously, my example thought pattern above was an elaboration ... kinda =) However, I really do find myself wandering while online. There are so many things that distract me away from my online "office" , how about you?

My Top 5 Online Business Distractions

1. Stats.
Oh, I love stats. I rely on them... I pour over them.... I may be addicted to them! Is there any reason to check your stats any more than once per day? Is there? Heck, my more established sites and campaigns don't even "need" to be checked more than once or twice a week - so WHY do I check them so often?

2. Email
There, I said it. Email is a big distraction of sorts for me. I take pride in trying to return any and all emails to me in a very timely manner. I also am on many "lists" of other marketers. Why? Not because I like being sold to....but because I love seeing HOW others sell to me.

You can also learn a lot from your own actions.

Ever ask yourself why you opened one "list" email and not another? What about the subject made you click? Ever wonder why you instinctively deleted an email? These are all important things to keep in mind when creating your own email campaigns.

All that aside, how many times a day is it necessary to check your email?

3. Forums.
I love me some forums. People share such valuable information and insight! There is a wealth of knowledge available in so many forums out there. Thing is, there are SO MANY forums out there..and many of those are really, really good. How often do you check in on forums?

4. The Learning Curve
No matter how much I learn, I constantly find myself in a place where I want to either, a) know MORE about something, or b) need to learn something else. I'll go to Google, type in what I'm looking for, and then find myself on this "click click scavenger hunt". I always find "treasures", but many times, they were not what I was originally looking for. And what WAS I originally looking for? haha!

5. Firefox
Yes, FireFox, as in the browser. Go ahead, laugh. Trust me, I'm laughing, too! I love Firefox... at any given time I have at least 8-10 tabs open....all with the site names staring at me as I work. Yes, you now can probably guess correctly that at least ONE of those tabs is some sort of stats program, another is my email....another is a forum (or two...or three). Having all those tabs open can be very convenient, no doubt. But, am I conveniently distracted? Or distracted by convenience?

Who knows... but I sure get distracted.

How about you?

What are YOUR Top 5 Online Distractions?

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Today is Thanksgiving. A national holiday, but also a personal one in the this house as we take a few moments and actual voice to each other what we are thankful for. I hope that is not an uncommon tradition in homes across America today. We all have plenty to be thankful for, don't we?

Personally, I am thankful for my husband, our children, our friends and family... our health...and all the many things we take for granted day to day that we are so blessed with. Another thing I am especially thankful for this holiday season is this opportunity to earn money for my family thru this silly computer.

Me. Making money online.


Funny how life goes, isn't it?

I became an official company the other day. A Company name, business plan, LLC....the whole she-bang. What a feeling!

I am no longer "just" a person making some money online... I am a business. I am no longer "just" a contractor... I am a company. It is very exciting for me.

Ok, enough about me. I imagine that those reading this are wondering what the title of this entry has to do with being thankful at Thanksgiving, so let's get to it.

Part of my new business plan is to expand my niche sites. I'd like to go a step beyond my current niche system. Fact is, free sites are great for exposure. Free sites are also an excellent way to get started making money online when you have a very limited business budget.

Fact of the matter is, using other free sites also runs risks. These sites (such as Squidoo) are not MY sites... I have been granted the permission to use them. At any given moment... they could be gone - taking all my work with it.

A pretty scary thought.

So, my plan is to purchase domains and get a hosting account and actually create my OWN domains. As I've researched good tools to help me accomplish what I'm planning to do, I became over-whelmed by a some-what common theme.

I've been looking for a site generator of sorts (among a few other things) that will help me speed up the process of creating my web sites. While researching different options, I noticed that quite a few of these programs seem to be designed ONLY to get ads on the internet. So many programs that offer Made-for-AdSense type generators and RSS feed sites that are only RSS feeds - and ads.

Would it be easy to crank out tons of income producing sites? Yes, perhaps so... that is IF traffic gets there and IF people trust a site like that enough to buy something.....

But what happened to actually contributing quality to the internet?

When someone goes to internet marketing as a business, is it their only option to mass-contribute even more crap to the internet? Pardon my "french", but Lordy, isn't there enough junk on the internet already?

Will my focus of making money online change me? Will I become one of those people that offers viewers even more ads to be bombarded with...and nothing in return... nothing of value?

Has making money online changed YOU? Has your intention on the internet changed now that it is your "office"? Do you now create web sites just for a place to put ads? Or do you make web sites with quality information that you monetize?

Do you think there is a difference in either mentality?

Is every online presence designed to make money?

As a consumer, I can honesty say that when I am searching for some sort of information online and all I can find are these ready-made ad sites, I get so annoyed. As an internet marketer, I can tell you with definite certainty that *I* will not be someone who contributes more trash to that dumpster.

I truly believe that this mass-create-junk-site option has led to the belief that making money online is a "get rich quick" plan.

What happened to integrity? What happened to quality? Would these people be proud of these sites or would they turn out to be another self-proclaimed guru who has "quietly been earning millions online" that I seem to find on many salespages. Oddly, these salespages also don't show an example of the work they do, either. To protect their niche, right? haha.

The good news is, I have found some excellent products to help my expand my business. Really really excellent tools.

I want quality and unique content... I will have to write it myself, thats a financial fact right now. So, I found an outstanding tool that REALLY helps me speed up that process. This tool was created by a real-life "guru" in my book, someone who works hard to provide quality...and can't help but make money along the way. I just obtained this tool the other day, so I will do a complete review after I feel all the power of it ;)

I also wanted a program, a site-generator of sorts, that will help speed up the process of getting my content online. I'm really not so good with the website making Yes, I will be monetizing the sites, too, in case you're wondering.

So far, I've found one or two programs I am interested in, but still haven't found "the one". Any suggestions?

Well, it is time for this endless post to actually end.

As you continue your online business ventures, always keep in mind what YOU want to contribute to the internet....what you want to contribute to the WORLD. Fact is, your content online IS a contribution to THE WORLD.

Are you proud of your contribution? Are you proud of your business?

Or has making money online changed you?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Embrace your family, friends, and loved ones and take a moment to let THEM know how thankful you are that they are in your life.

To my readers, whether it is one today or a million and one... thank you!

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Web 2.0 Graphics - The Easy Way!

Have you looked at the price of Adobe Photoshop lately? Holy Cow! Yes, it is an amazing piece of software, and yes, it also comes with a huge learning curve and pretty healthy price tag, too! So what do you do if you want to be able to create cool web 2.0-type graphics, maybe make some banners, create cool looking text, some gradient backgrounds...BUT you do NOT want to:

1)Pay THAT price tag for PhotoShop, or
2)LEARN how to USE PhotoShop

...then what?

Well, yes, you could hire someone to make a banner for your site, or cool text for a sales page - that is always an option.

Here's another option...

Own your OWN Graphics generator!

Tonight I bought the coolest graphics and text generator. See that "" banner up top? Let me tell you....

I paid $6.97 for this graphics program and then created that in about 3 minutes (and that included uploading it, too).

And folks, I know NOTHING about graphics creation or PhotoShop or text generation....nada.

I was so tickled at how easy it is, that I uploaded that image up there and couldn't wait to put it on the blog. Does it "fit"...uhhhh...probably not - but by golly, *I* made it!

All it took was three easy steps -

Step One - Select Image Type

Step Two - Customize Your Image
Fully customize your image with diagonal lines, solid colors, gradients, outlies, reflections, shadows, gloss types and more.

Step Three - Build-N-Save Image
Click "build my creation" and Voila - your creation is ready. You can save, download, or even test it on our background!

Yep...just made that text image, too. Went thru the simple three steps for the text generator and then clicked "Add Image" here on Blogger.

Too Easy! Just imagine what I can do after I actually learn all the whistles and bells on this nifty program!

And all this...for $6.97. I love it....and it works so easily and so well for blogs - PERFECT for Niche Blogs!

This is quite an exciting find for me. Want to learn more about this cool graphics software/text generator?

Yes! I JUST made that graphic, too! This is so cool. Check out this easy web graphics and text generator. It has SO many more features and options than I can possibly list - plus I'd have to give up time playing with this graphics software! haha!

For less than $7, it really is a no-brainer.

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What IS Squidoo?  Click and Find OutIts payday at Squidoo! Squidoo just released the payout information for this month. Remember, what we are getting paid now, in November, is for what we earned for our performance on Squidoo in September.

Many people ask me, "How much can you earn with Squidoo?" and it is always a difficult question to answer. I mainly want to respond, "How much do you WANT to earn with Squidoo?"

The potential is unlimited...seriously.

I integrate Squidoo into my marketing efforts for many purposes - whether it be traffic generation or list building, etc - so earning because of effort on Squidoo are truly unlimited.

However, I think what most want to know is "How much can you get paid FROM Squidoo?"

THAT, I can answer =)

This answer will NOT take into account shared affiliate commissions for affiliate modules on your Squidoo lenses. Once you add those co-op affiliate modules for Amazon, eBay, etc, again - the sky is the limit as to how much you could earn.

I want to answer based on what you will earn by just having a lens on Squidoo. The Adsense co-op shared revenue that is distributed each month. This revenue is split up based on performance on a three-tiered payout schedule. The amount each tier is worth changes each month - and these 3 amounts are based on the performance of the Squidoo site as a whole.

The top tier payout goes to the top performing lenses (by lensrank), the 2nd tier to the middle performers, and the 3rd tier goes to the bottom third of lens-rank.

Following me =)

To add more confusion to this explanation, the Squidoo payments we are receiving now in November are actually for the performance of our lenses in September. Earned in September, calculated in October, paid in November.

Got it? =)

I've been involved in 5 payouts from Squidoo. In July (earnings from May) , the top-tier payout was $3.80 per top-tiered lens. Not bad, considering that is just from Adsense co-op shares. In August (earnings from June) the top-tier was paid at $5.99 per lens! NICE!

Sadly, it was about that time that the after-shock of the "Squidoo Slap" start to sink in. The next 2 months, the top-tier payout dropped to $4.12 per lens, and then to $3.32 per lens.

I am happy to report that the top-tier payout for a top-performing lens on Squidoo for performance in September is back up to $4.67! Squidoo took the time to clean it all up, regroup, and come back like gangbusters. The page rank for is back to a PR7 and many, many lenses have very strong PR of thier own. I know I have many PR5's and PR4's in my lensmaster collection alone.

Google also seems to be showing love to Squidoo lenses again, too. Lenses of mine that felt some "ouch" from the Squidoo Slap are now back in the top returns and are seeing a definite increase in Google traffic.

Squidoo is not only "back", but its better than ever. My hat is off to the crew over at Squidoo - they took a nasty situation and made it work for them and for ALL of us =)

Squidoo Earnings - Past Payout Schedules

Paid in--------Month Earned-------1st Tier------2nd Tier----3rd Tier

July--------------May-----------------$3.80--------$.65-------- $.05

So, let's take for example that you have 60 lenses. For ease of math, we will break it down to where you have 20 top-tier lenses, 20 in the 2nd tier, and the last 20 in the 3rd tier.

How much did you make on Squidoo?

20 x $4.67 = $93.40
20 x $.79 = $15.80
20 x $.06 = $1.20

With a total payment from Squidoo of $110.40

And that payment is JUST from Squidoo co-op shared revenue based on the performance of It has nothing to do with how much you can earn if you have affiliate links on your lenses, and make sales - or if you generate 50-100 more visitors to your blog or website, and make sales - or if you have an eBay store and get much more exposure to your products, and in turn, sell more.

The potential earnings power from participating the in the free social site of Squidoo is unlimited - only YOU can control that. As for your monthly payment from Squidoo, the only thing you can control is the quality of your lenses to keep them ranking well in order to receive top payouts each month.

How can you create high quality lenses? Simple - The Squidoo Profit System.

I'm sure there are many happy - and relieved - lensmasters today. Seems like the storm has passed and the Squidoo Slap is now in the history books. Thankfully, this now not only makes the Squidoo site back to what it was, but also makes it an even better place to have your own, free, website platform and presence.

If you're not participating on Squidoo - you are missing out. If you had been participating, but let it slide since the slap, get back in there.

Life is good =)

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I've been trying out Keyword Country. I've found that using KeywordCountry for keyword research is kinda like asking Google what keywords I should use - and them telling me! You get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense.

Keyword Country is a “Keyword Search Engine.” Obviously, that is right up my alley so I was more than curious to test whether or not the product stands up to what it claims. Here is what I found:

Just type in a keyword in KeywordCountry, and you have LOADS of relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with important details like:

  • Max CPC
  • Number of Advertisers
  • Number of Clicks per month
  • Estimated EPC
  • Number of competitors
  • KEI Analysis
  • R/S Ratio
  • Number of Searches (according to Overture)
  • Traffic on Google (estimated) …and much more!

Keyword Country is really user friendly. More importantly, what impressed me a lot is the way Keyword Country produces thousands of high paying keywords and niche keywords so darn quickly.

Keyword Country allows you to search for keywords in 3 different ways using Basic Search, Advanced Search, or the Price Range Search. At first, I thought they were "shuffling" the same keywords in the three different searches. But they're not. The results are actually search specific, and enable you to choose the best keywords that suit your needs.

As a test, I tried the keyword – “loan,” I just typed the keyword in BASIC Search and I got 21,086 relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like Max CPC, Number of Advertisers, Number of Clicks per month, Estimated EPC, Number of competitors, KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio, Number of Searches, and Traffic on Google.

I was really impressed by the relevancy of the keywords that I found. The results are so relevant that you could probably export the list and use it right away in your website without even filtering any out. However, the results become a bit irrelevant as you get to the bottom of a big list (just like in a search engine) so I would always do a "read-thru" first.

After searcing for "loan" keywords, I had the option of choosing high paying keywords from 200+ different sub-categories for the search term of "loan". I picked "Auto loan", and Keyword Country listed 1,200 or so keywords for that sub-category. Impressive.

Price Range Searching is another nice feature. This search enables you to search for the keywords within a specific price range. One of the key advantages of this kind of a search is that it brings forth lots of low priced, hidden keywords that are really profitable. Besides, you can brainstorm new ideas for AdSense as well.

One of the most unique things is the Advanced Searching option. This tool allows you to do in-depth research for each keyword - each offering a variety of searching options. Kinda like 'Wild Cards' on Google, Advanced Searching can sort results on the basis of Max CPC, Average CPC, Searches, Sponsors, or anything else you like.

After going through Keyword Country videos, Advanced Search started making a lot more sense and I really got a better grasp of the abilities and options of KC’s Advanced Search tool.

Sort the results by “Rating,” and KC will give you only profitable keywords. Sort the results by “Clicks per month,” and you will get the keywords that attract the most clicks for Google. Just integrate these keywords in your website, and you will increase the chances of getting more CTR. Furthermore, there are many more types of keywords that you can find out with Keyword Country.

There are also a LOT of free videos at Keyword Country - they have taught me a LOT about Adsense:

Finding Top Paying Keywords Video

You can customize your search any way you want. Whether you type in a search query, or you search the keywords without typing in a search query – Keyword Country generates tons of keywords.

One really cool feature of this software is “Blank Search.” Now, this is one feature that I have not seen anywhere else. Blank Search allows you to reach the most searched and most clicked keywords that exist, the highest paying keywords, and most low competition high value keywords. Just leave the keyword field blank in Advanced Search, and Keyword Country will give you such amazing lists. This feature makes Keyword Country really unique.

Keyword Country is a pretty nifty little tool. What I really like is that you are not forced to pay for more time than you need. Only need to do keyword research like this for one day? You only have to PAY for one day.

I was really impressed with this keyword research tool. Worth a look if you're in need of something like this for niche sites or Adsense earnings.

Check out Keyword Country

More good articles on keyword research:

AdSense Secrets: Choosing the Best Keywords for AdSense

How to increase AdSense CTR?

AdSense Optimization: Content That Search Engines Love

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I've decided I really like doing posts full of good stuff topped off with a flaky crust....errrrr... title. I spend all day online and I come across so many cool things; why do I need to do a properly focused and keyworded blog post on each subject when I can just run thru my day here.

Once you get past the flaky title, you're bound to find someone...something yummy inside!

Welcome to the PotPie Post #1

Squidoo Stuff...

So, as we all "patiently" await this next Squidoo payday, I got to poking around on my lenses. Now, I'll admit, I've been a bit of a slacker on Squidoo lately. I have spent so much time on my niche sites and other projects that I haven't devoted the time my baby lenses need.

Anyway, I hopped on over to SquidUtils and took a look at my lenses since I know ol' Google did their big song-and-dance lately.

Holy Smokes! Baby got PR!

Two of my lenses are a PR5 , there are 10 lenses with a PR 4, a TON of of PR 3's, and a handful of PR 1's and 2's.

Amazing! Wanna see? Go to SquidUtils and log in a PotPieGirl (really, it's ok)...then click on "advanced dashboard" and you can see ALL my lenses and their PR, etc. Heck, if you want to click the little RSS looking icon after each lens, that will ping them. I would certainly appreciate that ;)

Speaking of "Pinging"...

Yup, my buddy CaptainSquid has some awesome tips and tricks for pinging your Squidoo lenses. That Captain is so smart =)

Speaking of Smart...

Some of you may have heard of a woman by the name of Amy Bass. Amy has a blog where she discloses her earnings and her process of making money online as she attempts to support her beautiful family and pay off debt. She is one smart cookie!

I love reading Amy's blog - especially since I found out just how much she makes from GPT sites... She is like a GPT Goddess! ANYWAY - Amy has put an affiliate link cloaker/redirect program on her website that is wonderful. It is a BIG help for those of those that just don't get that whole thing. Thanks, Amy!

Speaking of Affiliate Links...

I don't know how many of you checked out the list of free keyword tools I posted, but you really shoulda. Did you know that one of those free tools allows you to SEE the keywords that other affiliates are using to promote the same products you are? I was absolutely blown away. You seriously need to go play around with this free keyword tool. It is totally different than anything else. Absolutely amazing!

Speaking of Keywords....

Wow, all this work and research I've done on niche sites and niche blogging has really been paying off. I can already see a HUGE improvement in my Adsense earnings alone. I thought I would be stuck earning 4 cents a day from Adsense forever! Now I'm at a few DOLLARS a DAY. I'm on my way to BIG money from Adsense! Wanna know how I got it going? Check out how I drastically improved my Adsense earnings.

There really is a method to the madness of making money with Adsense. If you want a copy of a great ebook that is an awesome case-study of Adsense earnings stuff, scroll on down to the bottom of the blog...somewhere on the right, you'll see my FREE eBook gift to you. Nope, no email nuttin' honey =) Just download and enjoy.

Speaking of earnings...

Little Miss PotPieGirl is celebrating! I had my best earnings yet on Clickbank this past payperiod (ended 11-01). I was squealing like a girl! Wait, I AM a girl. Anyway...

Speaking of S-P-A-M...

Ok, no one was actually speaking of that, but I like to play the game of - "Whats in YOUR spam folder?"

Seriously, the junk mail that gets filtered in my email account is always good for a laugh each day. Just today, I was offered a way to grow my hair back, enlarge the size of my.... well, you know.... I also found out that some Nigerian Prince is sending ME a LARGE sum of money! I can't wait to tell my boss to take this job and shove it!

Wait, I AM my boss.

Life is Good =)

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I am exhausted. What a week! I've been very busy with my niche sites and other projects that I could literally put my head on this keyboard and sleep like a baby. However, all this hard work is paying off. Just looking at my stats tends to give me a second wind...or fourth wind....fifth? =)

As we start a new month, I'd like to share a few cool things I've come across in my travels on the internet.

Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool

I cannot even begin to stress strongly enough just how important, and how profitable good keyword research is. Not just knowing HOW to do keyword research, but having the right tools to perform your research on. Wordtracker is the bestest ever. This small investment in your business will be returned to you ten, twenty, thirty... a hundred fold. Wordtracker is offering a great deal this month - it's worth taking advantage of their free trial to see what I'm talking about. Click here and use promo code us-annual-15 to take advantage of this deep discount. Offer ends November 30th.

If you'd still like to use free keyword research tools, I came across the most complete list of free keyword tools to use for your research over at Check them out - it's great stuff!

Free Stuff and an Awesome Affiliate Marketing Blog

I am a big fan of Zac Johnson's Super Affiliate Blog. His blog is FULL of solid affiliate marketing advice and direction, and he somehow mixes in his fun side. A definite must read. Zac announced that he is giving away free "I Make Money Online" bumper stickers.... drop by his blog to get yours.

Google Adsense on ABC News

Are you a "Gray Googler"? Check out this great news clip on ABC News about the Google Adsense program. Interesting stuff.... guess the "secret" is outta the bag now, huh? =)

Squidoo for Christmas

Yes all you good boys and girls...the holidays are coming. We are now officially entering the holiday shopping season. Get you Squidoo lenses freshened up and ready for business! Don't let your sales opportunities slip by you. Spend an extra 5 minutes on your lenses to make sure all your links work, your images are appropriate and your holiday decorations are up.

Speaking of Squidoo....

Captain Squid has a great Squidoo-related blog. Great tools and advice. Highly recommended.

Final thoughts from my exhausted state

And for a great laugh, read this blog that offers a copy of one womans eBay auction for Pokemon cards. Sound silly? If you have kids - this will make you laugh til you cry! Poor woman had to take all 6 of her young children to the grocery store and one of them slipped a box of pokemon cards into her cart. Funny, funny stuff. Read "Adventures in Grocery Shopping"

Ok, to bed I go. Here's to a great November!

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Brand New to Internet Marketing? Read my four-part blog series - How to START Making Money Online


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