I try to keep on top of things with my online business, I really, really try - but sometimes I miss. This time I missed something that deserved recognition.

I'm both humbled and honored by something I found today...and it's from a month ago. One month is like a million years in the internet business world! Heck, even TWO DAYS ago is like "old news" in the virtual world, isn't it? =)

Hopefully, *I* am not old news....lol.

A sincere apology and a great big THANK YOU goes out to WelcomeToMyIsland.com. This blog master did a wonderful post about me on their blog titled, "Successful Squidoo Lensmaster to Learn From".

What an honor! ::blush:::

This post not only talked about my success online, but also about my Squidoo Profit System.

WelcomeToMyIsland.com is a cool blog that talks about many aspects of making money online. In the about page is a quote I love... and I also try to follow.

"I believe that once someone finds success, they shouldn’t hold onto it and hide it from everyone else. I like the phrase “When you get to the top, send the elevator back down.” When I find success, I don’t want to hold the elevator, I want to send it back down, so others can ride it up. "

So well-said, and so true.

Knowledge is useless unless you share it.

Hop on over to WelcomeToMyIsland.com - you'll enjoy your stay.

Again, thank you, thank you.... thank you!

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