Today was payday - both for Squidoo AND for Associated Content. I love paydays!!! Oddly, since I saw both payment notifications in my email at the same time, it got me to thinking about time spent vs revenue earned.

So - let's discuss it!

Squidoo Earnings - November

Squidoo is still continuing to increase it's payouts each month. Needless to say, traffic is improving, the Google-love is back... PR is up. It's all good.

Last month's payout on Squidoo, the highest paying tier earned $4.67 each (remember, this is the co-op shared earnings that is split amongst lensmasters based on lensrank. This is not earnings from affiliate modules).

The payout we received from Squidoo this month paid out $6.05 for each top-tiered lens! Way to go Squidoo. Thats the best Squidoo payout yet!

Lets take a look at Squidoo earnings of past:

Squidoo Earnings - Past Payout Schedules

Paid in--------Month Earned-------1st Tier------2nd Tier----3rd Tier

July--------------May-----------------$3.80--------$.65-------- $.05
December -- October -----------------$6.05--------$1.03--------$.05

Very nice!!! Squidoo earnings keep getting better and better!

After careful examination, mathematical evaluation, and a calculator - it looks like I earned $28.64 just from the adsense share of this Squidoo payout.

Not bad - Thank you, Squidoo!

Associated Content Earnings

I also received my November page view bonus from Associated Content today. Associated Content awards a bonus payout to their content producers based on a fixed amount per so many views of each article you have published.

I've had a couple of articles do really well on AC lately. I started writing for them around the first part of June and I am already just about at 100,000 page views. =)

My page view bonus for the month of November on Associated Content was $41.62.

And a big thank you to Associated Content, too!

Associated Content vs Squidoo - which do YOU do?
Personally, I love both sites and I use both sites. With Squidoo, while the monthly shared payout is somewhat low, the earnings and traffic I see thru-out the month are fabulous. Plus, Squidoo is fun!

On Associated Content, I get paid upfront for my article (usually between $5-$10) and then continue to receive earnings from each article from the page view bonus.

I like 'em both - so I'm not choosing!

Sadly, I haven't had much time for either site lately - been busy building my own sites! But I'll go in and freshen up a lens or two - maybe create a couple each month... and they still seem to do ok. Not as well as constantly tending to them - but they do "ok".

I haven't written for Associated Content in what feels like forever - but the articles I already have there continue to bring me some revenue that I use to buy more domains =)

I made over $70 today from those 2 sites for work I did long ago... know how many domains I can buy with $70? Enough to keep me busy this month! =)

Thank you Squidoo and Associated Content for giving me the opportunity to grow my business!

Hey, one last thing....

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