Craigs List is a powerhouse site for the online marketer. As of my last check, Craigslist classifieds are like the seventh most visited site online. This free resource for affiliate marketing is difficult to overlook when that kind of exposure is available.

If you take a look at the Craigs List site, you might feel like I do - a bit over-whelmed and not quite sure what direction to head or how to start marketing on that PR 8 website. (Yes, a Page Rank of EIGHT! Think that kind of inbound link could help your site??)

I've been doing a lot of research about marketing on Craigslist classifieds. Seems Craigs List is getting tougher and it's becoming increasingly more common for marketing ads to get deleted -quickly. I've seen discussions on marketing forums with theories about graphics being better than text, about multiple email addresses vs one email account (apparently, Craigs List tracks by ip address). Lots and lots of theories, but no solid plan to show how to get a piece of the massive amounts of traffic that site sees.

I've been "dabbling" in marketing on craigslist, and I have to say - when the ads don't get zapped, the results are....well, the results are magical. It impressed me enough from sales AND traffic that I decided to dig deeper. I wanted to learn how to post an ad on craigslist classifieds in an effective way - and find out how to get my affiliate links within the ad (and the ad NOT get deleted).

I picked up an inexpensive ebook on Craigs List Marketing that helped me a lot. Turns out to be fairly simple. Yes, marketing on the craigslist classifieds takes some upkeep and your ads need to be rotated and reposted, but now that I have an actual system.... well, it's just magical!

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